Pioneer Production Unit in Sportswear's & Goods

Project management plays a vital role in the success of every successful project. Vigilant Enterprises PMO and Project managers work tirelessly for the successful completion and implementation of every endeavour assigned to them. Each opportunity provided to Vigilant Enterprises as a result of team’s initial hard work is consolidated and gathered to shape it as a Project. Depending upon the nature of the project Vigilant Enterprises management allocate the staff required to fulfil the demands of the project.

Once the preliminary information is consolidated the project team starts initiating the project activities by segregating and distributing the multiple roles among the colleagues. The first and foremost activity is to bring up the up to date candidates information from the Data Bank. During the process of collecting information the following things are strictly keep under the consideration. Candidates CV’s are up to date and latest Candidates information provided in the resumes is accurate Candidate does fit for the required position Candidate is willing to work with the package which is being offered Candidate is willing to move to other country Family status of the candidate Criminal record and education history.

Once all the above activities are done a list of candidates is prepared for initial contact and candidates consent is checked to share his details to the employee. The list prepared is then provided to the employer along with updated resumes and contact information. So that the employer could make the arrangement in conducting the candidates interviews either by coming to Pakistan with the delegation or by online by using Video Calling apps. After the completion of interview process ,employer share their feedback with Vigilant Enterprises and provide the list of candidates that pass the interview to do further needful and make arrangements for their arrival to the host country.

Vigilant Enterprises processing team starts doing the needful for the candidates documents collection, degrees verification and medical examination. Our team also helps the candidates if they are missing any information to get them on time and ensure the transition between selection and reporting to the employer a fast and in timely manner.

Since we are a registered recruiting agency with Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment Government of Pakistan Once the certified medical reports are arrived; candidates are given a green signal to pack up for their next destination. All the processes and activities involved are so seamless and elaborate progressively that neither candidates nor employers need to wait for any details. Our team then integrates all the information in a compact manner and does all the arrangements for traveling and reporting to the employer on the provided dates.

Every assignment undertaken by Vigilant Enterprises is intensively project managed. From the outset, clients are in contact with the Recruitment Account Manager, the Chief Consultant and the Project Manager. The Project Manager creates a chart detailing the project timescales in agreement with the client’s resources and availability.

This ensures that all stages of the project will be pre-arranged. The client can allocate all necessary resources in advance and from the outset, the client is advised on the actual dates when signing of the contract with the new member of staff can be expected.The structure of our dedicated project team and the pre-arranged allocation of resources, prevent slippage in the deliverables. Any problems that arise are flagged and dealt with in-house immediately.

During the execution of the project, our esteemed clients are provided with regular status reports keeping them fully informed of progress at all times. The report includes the latest ‘in the field’ information, of which our clients may be unaware.

Each task assigned to Vigilant Enterprises is taken as a Project. Depending upon the nature of the industry, a Project Manager is assigned that works as an integrator to coordinate with all team members starting from Initialization to the results. For Example if a construction company is requiring 1000 labors from Pakistan and the recruitment task is assigned to Vigilant Enterprises. It wouldn’t be seen as a simple demand yet it would be considered as a Project and on the first day of the agreement a Project Manager would be assigned by the CEO of Vigilant Enterprises to carry out and integrate all the processes in a professional way.

That project manager will oversee the whole project make sure that the Project is moving in the right direction and the persons assigned for the particular tasks are doing their task effectively and we are not lacking anything. This enables us to do our work more proactively and professionally and within the budget allocated.